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raw |rô| adjective
in its natural state; not yet processed or purified: raw silk

Hightops and Heels is raw wellness with style + substance. Priscilla Amado and Preston Roundtree, with the support of their amazing family and friends, have collaborated to paint an authentic picture of modern vitality, love and art in an era of conformity.

The purity of taste is defined when it’s only influence is you. Refine your taste and live well…
In fly footwear of course *wink.

Welcome to our canvas


  • Education
    Applied knowledge is POWER. Our Sankofa workshops offer instructional precolonial African history lessons alongside hands-on media development in order for the youth participants to have the basic skills, practical understanding of how to produce instead of consuming information, and most importantly TELL THEIR OWN STORIES!
  • Arts
    When will people stop sleeping on art? All too often art is the first thing to get cut from the budget. Art and creativity are the foundation of the universe and civilization as we know it. This master piece of a planet we live on wouldn't exist or function without the creativity and innovation of artists... Not to mention the amazing physiological and emotional benefits.
  • Healing
    We believe holistic healing must be the foundation of any organization. As leaders we are healers and it is our responsibility to first and foremost heal ourselves. The healing components we are currently focused on is physical wellness via health and nutrition. #OrganicFoodforthePeople is an urban garden project where we host free weekly gardening and educational food workshops.


Workshops and Presentations

Priscilla and Preston facilitate interactive workshops and presentations to youth and adults including but not limited to the following subject areas: Holistic health and healing, natural hair, organic skincare, plant-based lifestyle transitioning, political activism and pre-colonial African history. A Hightops and Heels directed workshop is engaging and hands-on. Participants leave with valuable insights, resources, skills, and a priceless connection to our community for support.
Bailey's Cafe | Save Our Streets | Vine Street Community Center | Sistas Place

RA Photography

Roundtree Amado Photography is a creative collaboration photography service. Preston and Priscilla work together to capture the best of both perspectives, making for a dynamic range of photos. This includes creative direction, a SanDisk with the entire photo session, an agreed upon number looks and a set amount of edited images. We also offer packages including brand consultations, styling and make up. We shoot everything from events to product photography.
PLANT Apothecary | Installation Brooklyn | Legin Knits | Studio of Ptah

Creative Marketing

Clear and valuable communication to your audience is critical to growth. People want genuine interactions and valuable information. Preston and Priscilla have coined what they call "creative reality marketing". This innovative marketing standard and strategy is a way to get the attention of millennials, involving them instead of selling to them. Our marketing services include public relations, original content creation, social media strategy and management, traditional and digital campaign development.
Tehuti Films | Cafe Rue Dix | PLANT Apothecary | Studio of Ptah

Styling and Creative Direction

Style is the most blatant form of self-expression. Unfortunately the fashion industry has made a mockery of this precious commodity. Nonetheless, CLOTHING is still right up there with food, shelter and security. Priscilla has an innate talent for styling. Her style mantra is authenticity. With comfort comes confidence. Priscilla's wardrobe styling services range from on-set production and runway styling to personal style development and closet updates. Have a special event coming up? Book Priscilla to be your personal shopper!
International African Arts Festival | H&M | Installation Brooklyn | Manolo Blahnik
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