We had an amazing time at Curl Fest this year with the tribe! There’s nothing like being surrounded by so many things that defy gravity – trees and afros lol

IMGL7152I was a little unsure about attending the festival because how much I despise and oppose the politics of the “curly community” and the very clear hair texture shaming, as it’s been described. My choice to rock my hair in an undefined afro on the reg is partially in protest to this attitude that’s all too common.

It stems from the same root of the colorism – the whole lightskin/darkskin… can we really address the subconscious inclination of people of African ascent to belittle ourselves by ranking European standards of beauty as superior? Well, now isn’t the time so I digress.

IMGL7259_1Thanks to my sistren Tamara (on the right) and her fantastic braiding brand, Ancestral Strands, I was able to show out for the nappy afro’s around the world with a tuff braided afro-puff crown! Thanks so much Tamara!! How talented is she?! Be sure to check out Ancestral Strands!IMGL7238

I got to meet Michaela Angela Davis again who wanted to interview Preston and I for Centric TV until my political ass spoke out too much about the industry and not watching wackass BET lol… oops!IMGL6908My other lovely sis Tamika set up shop as a vendor. Her brand, Fruiggie, had a tent in the park where she and Tamara were doing vegan, non-toxic tribal face art for fest-goers. Check out her Tribal Face Adornments page!IMGL6986IMGL7001IMGL6999IMGL7023

My sissies Alley and Casoul also had their crowns blessed by Ancestral Strands…IMGL7242IMGL6943IMGL6931The festival was in Prospect Park in Brooklyn, NYC for those who are unfamiliar and its all about celebrating natural hair. There was music, tons of vendors, food and of course a multitude of beautiful people embracing their natural.IMGL6912IMGL7008IMGL6969IMGL7189IMGL7034IMGL7043IMGL7063IMGL7267IMGL7093IMGL7265IMGL7113For those interested, my dress is vintage 1970s from Installation Brooklyn in Bedstuy, Brooklyn.IMGL7209IMGL7099IMGL7038_1IMGL7257IMGL7020IMGL7131IMGL7223_1IMGL7314_1IMGL7303All in all it was a great experience! We had a beautiful time and met some great people… Hope you enjoyed the gallery!IMGL7311_1

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