We’ve officially got the last full moon of year 2016 under our belts, and the energy is still lingering. I wasn’t always aware of this powerful energetic connection we have to the moon. I realize many people still aren’t clear on what the Full Moons, stars and other celestial bodies have to do with anything so here’s my break down.

For so many years I didn’t want any parts of astrology, zodiac signs or anything else I associated with horoscopes because my mind blocked it out. For some reason (*cough* religion) I always thought it was evil. At least if I just thought it was silly I could have had some fun with it, but nah… to me it was “devil stuff” as mom dukes would say. Now look at me, hosting full moon womb healing circles and shit… yeah I’ve come quite a long way! LOL The photo above was actually taken the other night after wrapping up the 4th full moon circle I’ve hosted this year.


Here’s the celestial forecast for the rest of this year:

  • Mercury Retrograde December 19th – January 8th
  • Mars enters Pisces on December 19th
  • Winter Solstice on December 21st
  • Saturn in Sagittarius connects with Uranus in Aries on December 24th
  • Jupiter is in Libra opposite Uranus in Aries on December 26th
  • New Moon in Capricorn on December 29th

So what’s all the star talk about anyway? We have a way of over complicating and over thinking damn near everything so let’s just keep it simple. As the ancient African proverb goes, “the closer you get to the truth, the simpler it is” RIGHT?! So when it comes to thinking of the cosmos we just have to realize we’re thinking of ourselves. The universe is ONE… no singularity, just many expressions of the one, the all, the nothing, creation, NTR (NaTuRe), God/Goddess, however you interpret that.

I created this simple chart below for anyone to navigate what aspects of life each planet and star constellation represents in order for you to make your own interpretations of how this can possibly show up in your life. It’s not about telling the future, it’s just ENERGY!



Ancient Study of the Stars

So of course if all is one, these stars are part of us. The constellations of stars are ultimately what we refer to as the zodiac signs. Although the term zodiac is Greek for “circle of animals”, it is clear that our ancient African ancestors along the Nile Valley had already mapped out the stars in this way long before the Greeks. See the zodiac depiction that covered the rooftop of the Temple of Het-Heru (Hathor) at Dendura in Kemet (Ancient Egypt) below.


I have to talk about the African origins because our contribution to civilization is usually dismissed, misrepresented, stolen or erased. Clearly this inspired what we later see in the Greek expressions and eventually the contemporary zodiac wheel we see today. Interestingly enough this magnificent piece of architectural and scientific genius isn’t mentioned very often as I’ve been studying the history of astrology. Of coarse this doesn’t take away from it’s brilliance, after all the original was taken and now lives in France at the Louvre in Paris.


“Ancient Egypt” is usually mentioned in context of being influenced by the Greeks who were supposedly influenced by ancient Babylon. I haven’t found any first hand evidence of it dating back further than what has been documented in Africa. However, even the Hindus of India and the Chinese have been exploring Astrology for thousands of years. People with some color really can’t get credit for originating anything huh?!


Basically our ancestors used animals and other nature-based symbols to represent natural forces and universal energies and mapped all this out in the heavens because they studied all this. The mythology and even the architecture were actually aligned to the cosmos.

It wasn’t until the 17th century that Astrology and Astronomy became two separate areas of study. Prior to this it was a serious science that included both of what we’ve been accustomed to dividing into two different interpretations of the universe – one scientific and one mythical. Our Western trained minds tend to dismiss the latter as less factual. However, we’ve all experienced the magic of what the Buddhist describe as auspicious coincidence. This is when the universe just somehow perfectly aligns things in our favor. There’s really a science to it!

The stars, moons and planets tell us so much about our existence, and it wasn’t just the ancestors who got how simple it really is… “WE ARE STAR STUFF”, as Carl Sagan so eloquently put it 🙂 I mean, if the worlds most popular astronomer, cosmologist and astrophysicist puts it that simple, who really wants to argue that somehow we’re something else?

Relationship Between the Moon and Our Wombs

What’s our obsession with individualism that we can’t even see that the Earth is the galaxy, and we ARE in outer space!? We are star stuff indeed and our entire micro experience is mapped out in the macro universe. Just like the moon effects the ocean tides, it similarly impacts our womb energy… our feelings, emotions, intuition, and other feminine creative energies. My exposure to this knowledge has been through my own personal observations just as much as study of original/indigenous cosmology and spiritual traditions.

For example it’s no coincidence that the female menstrual cycle follows the same rhythm as the moon. This is why I call it our MOON TIME. Everything is communicating something beautiful if we pay close enough attention. Once I began observing and connecting my moon time with mother moon, it was so clear that what my inner world was feeling was on point with the moon phases. At our next womb circle I will share how to track and see what the womb/moon is telling you personally. Remember there is only one energy with many expressions, and inner-standing your own will help you navigate your emotion-full life.

Connect it all to you in order to ground what seems to be so airy and abstract. For example: This full moon in Gemini impacted me more intensely then others because I am a Gemini, born June 12th. Gemini is associated with Tehuti (Thoth) in the ancient nature-based tradition this was depicted as the Ibis bird. Our modern depiction is the twins, but the essence has remained the same; this constellation ruled by Mercury is all about intelligence and communication. Full moons are generally associated with release and closing cycles so all you do is observe how this relates to the mind and expression for you in your life.


Mercury Retrograde

Speaking of Mercury, we also have a retrograde coming up on the 19th of December through the 8th of January. Way to bring in the New Year! Mercury retrograde tends to get a bad reputation, but I absolutely love this time. I may be biased because Mercury is my ruling planet… actually that’s why you should value my alleviating perspective on the subject.

Retrograde is when the planet appears to be moving backward on it’s orbit. This is just an optical illusion and the planet doesn’t actually reverse its coarse. That is very important to note because overstanding the illusion is key to navigating this tricky time. Mercury, in most cases, retrogrades 4 times throughout our annual revolution around the sun. As I said before Mercury is associated with all things of the mind and communication in particular, which is why this time it’s usually warned not to sign contracts, and to leave room for travel and technological trouble.

It’s best to be as flexible as possible during these periods of the year. You should finish any open projects before hand, do your best to plan ahead and definitely have backup plans in place. Take this time to look at how you’re distributing energy in your life, and take some moments to genuinely review your projects and plans. Use the insights gained during retrograde to determine your next moves and make final decisions after retrograde. Reflection is absolutely key to surviving the other people you’ll encounter who might not be putting these protocols in place.

The best thing you can do is observe these energies for yourself, study the stars and study yourself. As above, so below. If you’re really feeling it, explore the different layer views of the Milky Way Galaxy via NASA’s Spitzer telescope HERE.

*Please note all of this is based on the contemporary calendar we currently use*

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