Sound is vibration. Our entire existence, even in this physical/molecular realm, is based on vibration so the sounds we listen to impact us fundamentally – particularly on a subconscious level. Everything is everything as Lauryn Hill so eloquently expresses in “Everything is Everything” …speaking of high vibration healing music, you can never go wrong with some Lauryn!

Knowing is half the battle… We have to choose well. If we choose to listen to the crap the mainstream industry spews out the radio knowing that it’s a direct attack on our psyche, then there’s really no power in having that awareness. Now I love me some Kendrick N’ Cole or Bey, and of course I can bump to some Drake N’ RiRi, so I know it’s challenging to just eliminate the mainstream sounds. It’s only 28 days!

You will notice the shift in your mood and perspective day to day as you filter out the curated music and choose more intentional healing vibrations. Take a listen to a playlist of mine below. Please share your playlist, favorite artist or song and hashtag #KhepeRaChallenge

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