Very excited to announce a new spirituality vlog series we’ve started called Spirit Sisters! This series is a collaboration with our great friend, Samantha, who has also through her experiences, research and spiritual practice come to realizations about our spiritual nature that we will be sharing in Spirit Sisters! Please watch our intro video to see what it’s all about and subscribe to get updates as we begin sharing the episodes.

Spirituality ties into all our perspectives of life experiences. Spirit is everything, spirit is breathe, spirit is oneness, spirit is connection, spirit is purpose, spirit is infinite, spirit is consciousness, spirit is eternity… and so much more! Spirituality is not religion. We’re grounding it in a way we hope you can relate to your own life and elevate your perspective. Enjoy!


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    Vanessa says:
    December 16, 2017 at 1:29 am


    Just want to let you know that this I really appreciated this video! I'm Ghanaian, though I was born and have grown up in London I have always been drawn to know more, particularly about this topic. I've been on a journey to learn more about our african traditional 'religions' since 2013 and have learnt that there is so much conflicted out there. The ethnic group that I am is Ewe (Eh-way), which are spread across south east Ghana and Togo, said to be the area that many Haitains were stolen from.

    Many people still practice vodun in these areas today, but are heavily stigmatised for it, as it's seen as a backwards practice that is devilish and evil througout Ghana. As a result the traditions are not being passed down and are dying with the elderly.

    In addition to this there has been a militant campaign by many European and American Christian groups funding initiatives to stop people from practicing. I think our spiritual traditions are beyond important, and I really valued the perspectives that you both gave! In relation to vodun, I really hope to be able to learn from what people practice on the continent and in Haiti and to one day teach people the real value that the tradition holds. I'm really looking forward to your future videos, keep it up!

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