September is Black-Owned Restaurant Month in NYC, and The Edge is a quaint neighborhood cafe restaurant in Harlem you’ve got to check out. We stumbled on it via I Don’t Do Clubs – absolutely love that blog! Mostly because I literally don’t do clubs. I used to work the door at nightclubs in Boston before moving to NYC, by the time I became legal I had partied more than enough. These days I’d much rather listen to great music, eat great food, and vibe with interesting people who are producing great shit. Here is the blog post that introduced us to a couple of our favorite black-owned restaurants:

100 Black-Owned Restaurants and Bars in NYC and BK

Be sure to check out their post on restaurants participating in Black-Owned Restaurant Month.

Harlem-the-EdgeI hit up The Edge this day with my friends from back home, Devin and Rucely. My friend Devin aka Deva is an amazing makeup artist and model, and Rucely Rose is one of Fenton Moon’s gorgeous models. Deva just moved to Harlem from Boston …she literally just arrived in the city on this day. We ended up having brunch together before they headed to a casting call. They even managed to squeeze in an impromptu selfie photoshoot that I had no parts in lol. Be sure to check out both of their pages linked.

Devin-Harlem-The-EdgeDevin-&-Rucely-Harlem-The-EdgeRucely-Harlem-the-EdgeI ended up kicking it in the cafe reading while waiting for Preston, and had a veggie burger for my second brunch with him. The menu is a mix of tasty Jamaican and American dishes. My veggie burger was so good, and so was Preston’s salmon bagel! Great to find a spot with authentic Jamaican sorrel and some tasty vegetarian/vegan options!



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