As we sat for tea before getting our day started we had to have a little chat about the presidential selection of Donald Trump. I was surprised, but to be honest it’s actually best that we deal with the rampant racism of this nation directly instead of the covert guise we’ve gotten comfortable with.

As mentioned in our 99 Solutions, Voting Ain’t One post, we have to start at the root and deal with this holistically… first as individual expressions of the universe, then as families, neighborhoods coming together to build communities, and ultimately all peoples of African ascent united globally to actualize our self determination.

Interestingly enough, that’s actually what this national political reality show was to keep us distracted from; the global agenda that the imperialists have set in motion over the decades. When it comes to the big picture plans for the planet, the control of its resources, including humanity, there was never a difference in foreign policy. There isn’t a bipartisan approach to the issues that effect us most… you know like FOOD, LAND, PRODUCTION, LABOR and our actual SECURITY.

For example, the production and distribution of so-called “food”, or the regulation of technological and biological/chemical crap that is poisoning nearly every grocery store shelf in our so-called “free” country really doesn’t get discussed by political personalities with any depth. Shouldn’t we have a voice when it comes to what we eat at the very least?

Then there’s this notion that local politics is what really matters, but surely the FDA isn’t local. The revolving door of pharmaceutical and agribusiness corporate executives that bounce back and forth from these regulatory positions to their prominent roles in the companies they supposedly regulate is just the tip of the iceberg. So NO we can’t count on local regulation of multinational entities, that is absolutely ridiculous.

We need to be aware of geopolitics and realize we are in the era of globalization. If our political awareness is limited to voting then we can’t expect to keep up with this con game never mind get out of it. If we can argue that voting matters, then it can’t be that hard to accept that everything matters. Guess what, EVERYTHING you do does matter! Where you spend your money matters, what you say matters, how you spend your time matters, even what you don’t do matters… Sit with that.

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