Fur-and-navy-leather-vansOnly Reason I’m Not Vegan…

I’ll never openly advocate for the unnecessary and inhumane killing of animals in the name of fashion – really NEVER. However, leather is one thing I haven’t been able to part ways with. Can you blame me? I’ve yet to come across a durable not-so-tacky “pleather” alternative. Plus, I’d really rather stick to natural materials over synthetic ones.

Being vegan isn’t solely a commitment to removing animal products out of your diet, you really shouldn’t consider yourself vegan if you WEAR animal products.

peek-a-booI’d never go out and buy a fur coat, but somehow wearing a vintage fur that has been around for decades didn’t feel terribly compromising to my moral compass. In combination with elbow length black leather gloves (both from my favorite vintage spot – Installation Brooklyn), I was nice and toasty walking the boardwalk at Rockaway Beach…. This is coming from someone who is always cold! I mean I wasn’t expecting to last more than 5 minutes by the Atlantic Ocean on a cold winter¬†day.

PriscillaMoral of the story: our style much like our food regimen should be tailored to our individual spirit and needs. In my case at the moment dedicating myself to a vegan lifestyle isn’t happening. However, I avoid adding to the demand for animal products by repurposing what I own and going the second-hand route. At the same time I don’t eat any meat (because the use of hormones, antibiotics, and GMO feed that is extremely detrimental to human health).


We all live in different circumstances and prioritize accordingly. Ask yourself what’s important to you? Are you doing the best you can? Are the decisions you’re making best for you? As always, find the answers within. -Htpu (peace)

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