Tuesday, August 16

    ARTiFACT /ˈɑːtɪfakt/ noun

    anything created by a human being, typically one of cultural or historical interest

    Latest Artifacts

    Black Males are Healing

    In support of brothas we curate videos about spiritual healing, including mental and emotional trauma and health.

    June Energy Reading

    June Energy Reading NU MOON READING FOR MAY 30th tO...

    May Eclipse Reading

    Watch a complimentary card reading for the energy of the eclipse season.

    April Moon Reading

    A spiritual energy reading for the April moon cycle in Amun (Aries)

    THNK – Beyond Spirituality

    THNK - Beyond Spirituality A conversation with Hightops & Heels...

    Origins of Astrology

    ORIGINS OF ASTROLOGY “AS ABOVE, SO BELOW” ANCIENT AFRICAN PROVERB as·trol·o·gy| əˈsträləjē | noun -...

    THNK – Marketing Misleadership

    THNK Marketing Misleadership THNK Marketing Misleadership is a virtual panel...

    March Moon Reading

    March Moon Reading NU MOON READING FOR MAR. 2nd TO...

    Ancestors Speak: Hatshepsut

    Travel through the sands of time ⏳ to learn about a legacy steeped in prophecy and mystery.




    August Energy Reading

    Life is shaking up so we can shed the old and outworn thoughts and visions that have been limiting us… August will bring in dynamic expansion.