Monday, August 28

    DIY All-Natural Aloe Shampoo

    aloe-vera-shampoo-DIYIf you don’t know any of the benefits of aloe vera by now you need to get your life. Aloe has countless health benefits! You could probably use it if your leg got bitten off by a shark or some shit. LMAO ok, maybe not but who knows, has anyone tried it? Watch the quick tutorial showing you how to make your own aloe vera shampoo, and then I’ll briefly touch on the hair benefits of this amazing plant.

    Most of us should be familiar with aloe vera because of its frequent appearance in so many of our products. If you still don’t read the ingredients of your products you need to start YESTERDAY! Most products contain aloe barbadensis leaf as one of the base ingredients, but nothing beats applying aloe vera directly from the leaves to your hair.


    As I mentioned Aloe is well- known for its healing properties. It has high water content (99% water) so its perfect for hydrating, moisturizing, and rejuvenating your skin and hair naturally. One of the most praised hair benefits is that it activates new and existing hair follicles and reduces built-up sebum (common reason behind slow hair growth) to promote hair growth. In the video I added a few drops of organic lavender essential oil which also promotes hair growth, not to mention it’s a powerful antiseptic so it also disinfects the scalp. You can also use chamomile, clary sage and rosemary essential oils to stimulate hair growth.

    Detailed Benefits of Aloe Vera

    We have been washing our hair with this homemade aloe vera shampoo for almost 3 years now. While living in Cabo Verde all of the natives raved about how great “babosa” (creole name for aloe vera) is for your hair. Aloe grows abundantly in tropical climates so although CV is in drought most of the year, there is aloe everywhere! We’d literally go out into my dads farm and grab a couple of leaves to make our shampoo every week. The downside was always the dreadful smell that the yellow goo give off when cutting the fresh plant – its awful!


    The origins of aloe vera have actually been traced to the heart of mainland Africa in the Sudan. These days you can catch these babies at the market for 99 cents a pop on a lucky day – and these don’t smell when you cut them since technically they aren’t fresh. It’s still healthier and cheaper than going the conventional route with shampoos and conditioners that contain all kinds of toxic preservatives and synthetic ingredients you can’t even pronounce.

    We enjoy making a ritual out of it 🙂