Monday, August 28

    Ancestors Speak: Dr. Ben

    Ancestors Speak:
    Dr. Ben

    Fanning the flames of righteous rage, Dr. Yosef Ben-Jochannan took the beef directly to the halls of academia. As one of our most prominent warrior scholars, Dr. Ben never turned away from the audience that mattered most – everyday black people. His honest and piercing voice still RAverberates.

    Photo by: Damon Winter via New York Times

    This honorable ancestor led many of our greatest leaders back to Kemet (modern day Egypt/Sudan) to RAclaim our legacy and rightful place in so-called HIStory. Ignite yOUR authentic expression through this second INstallment of our Ancestors Speak series.

    About the Artist:

    Trinity, Musician

    Holistic sound artist and soundscaper. Born in Atlanta, GA and raised in Indianapolis, IN. Navigating the world of Sound from Academia to Traditional Healing to bring AfRAkan people back to the vibrational nourishment of REAL music and music-making.




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