Friday, August 12

    Black Males are Healing


    We see it.
    We declare it.
    We celebrate it.

    There is so much worth saying about the moment of healing we’re in right now, especially for our brothas. This artifact is a curation of video content that broaches the multifaceted layers of the multidimensional healing that black men are experiencing. We will continue to build this artifact by adding links and INsights. Please feel free to comment any relative links or aspects of the holistic healing of our brothas that you would like to contribute.

    While our sistas have been healing for a number of years with womb circles becoming common practice, women’s rites of passage programs, and wellness-centered events primarily targeting females; our brothas didn’t seem to have the same space.

    Naturally the male energy needs something different that aligns with their NaTuRe, and our collective spirit is finally stable enough on the RAceptive side (female/feminine) to handle the ACTive side now stepping IN for much needed healing. This is what we are beginning to see as black men are taking the stage, and we graciously want to give them the mic.

    To begin, holistic health acknowledges that all aspects of health are connected, INcluding physiological, psychological and emotional health. All of the dimensions of our existence makes up the state of our spiritual health. The 5 minute video below provides a basic INtroduction to Holistic Healing:

    Now when it comes to black males specifically, the video below on Black Men and Mental Health is really the bases of this artifact. This INterview with Omowale Afrika on The Blackest Truth is absolutely fundamental and offers INsight straight from the horses mouth. IN order to support our brothas, we must first and foremost start with LISTENING TO THEM.

    Black Men and MENTAL Health | HOW to Manage FAMILY and MIND

    As Omowale expresses, the approach of clinical psychiatry and western medicine as a whole is built on a spiritually-void foundation. The following content allows us to take a holistic AND scientific approach to the topic, which will surely support our cognitive approach to healing.

    Psychosis or Spiritual Awakening: Phil Borges

    How childhood trauma affects health across a lifetime: Nadine Burke Harris

    Inherited Trauma: Can Trauma Be Genetic? Psychotherapy Crash Course


    We also want to offer a RAsource for culturally appropriate psychological care: Soul Care Collective

    If yOUR INterested in ritual therapy and a sacred space to express, RAlease and transform multi-dimensional trauma please read about our: IN2IT Healing Program. We place an emphasis on ancestral sacred science, truth, meaning and collective consciousness while taking a personal approach to usher IN energetic transmutation.




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