Thursday, September 23

    We’ve got a lot going on and we don’t want you to miss out on anything you may want to participate in. Follow the links below to learn more about each offering 🙂


    This is NOT Yoga

    Ancient African Origins of Yoga
    Kemetic Flow and Shetet (Yoni) Flow
    Women + Men welcome to join
    2/18/18 at 3pm in Brooklyn

    Tehuti Ma’at Militia

    Monthly Subscription
    Become a member of Tehuti Ma’at and enjoy the benefits!

    Tehuti Ma’at Academy

    Our online school launched this month!
    Accept the #KhepeRaChallenge our FREE 28 Holistic Healing Challenge

    Full Circle E-Course

    11 Week Holistic Coaching E-Course
    Via Tehuti Ma’at Academy

    THNK Book Club

    Afeni Shakur Evolution of a Revolutionary
    by Jasmine Guy
    Feb. 28th is the final discussion for this book
    FREE download of introduction (audio)

    Hightops and Heels Blog

    Check out the latest on the blog