Thursday, August 4

    D’jar Fogo – Cabo Verde

    Cabo Verde, commonly referred to as Cape Verde is a beautiful archipelago hugging the west coast of Africa, right off Senegal. My mother and her parents, and my father and his parents were born on the island known as D’jar Fogo.  The volcano that as recent as last year erupted scorching flames of lava displacing nearly two thousand people surely influenced the name Fogo (Fire).

    Priscilla Hiking Pit Fogo Cabo Verde

    So you can imagine the caliber of people who come from such a place. A 5 mile walk is a cake walk, and by sunrise many are heading back home from tending to their animals and fields before they are draped by the blazing sun. Simple life for many, but most have lost love for the traditional ways in the tornado of European imperialism that still lingers in disguise.
    Priscilla Hiking Mountain View Fogo Cabo Verde

    Nonetheless the beauty, much like our people is resilient. Hiking through the same fields, pits, and mountains as my ancestors before me woke me up to reality. How simple life truly is. Just breathe. We’re still here… and we ain’t going no where.
    Priscilla Aloe Vera Forest Fogo Cabo Verde