Thursday, September 28

    11 Weeks – Practical Steps to ACTIVATING True Consciousness

    Full Circle is the premier Holistic IN-powerment E-Course of Tehuti Ma’at Academy. This iN2iTed 11 step ladder is based on the Arit Energy Center System of Kemet (ancient Egypt) which predates the Sanskrit Chakra system.

    This is an INteractive and INvolved E-course for anyone ready to take accountability for their life and what they are creating on all levels, including career, relationships, community, and spiritually. Consider it multi-dimensional organization and coaching. We’re packing in amazing ancient Afrakan wisdom; healing ancestral or inter-generational trauma, and ascending through these 11 spiritual gateways of consciousness through IMPLEMENTATION.

    It’s INtuitive, INsightful, INgaging, INdepth, but most IN-portantly, it’s ACTION based. There are assignments, videos and live access to support you along the way to ACTually ACTivating your highest potential. It’s all INside of you, and we have an adaptable method of navigating the INNER world to truly tap IN to your personal INtuitive power.

    11 Lectures

    11 Assignments

    11 Live Q&A’s

    Plus “Studio Hours” (LIVE Coaching Access)

    • PTAH – Foundation
    • SET – Survival
    • NUT – Creativity/Sexuality
    • NEITH – Relationships
    • RA – Manifestation
    • HET-HERU – Abundance
    • TEHUTI – Communication
    • AUSET – Awakening
    • AUSAR – Rebirth
    • HERU – Embodiment
    • MA’AT – Universal Consciousness

    “Full Circle” will help you:

    • Find your meditation style
    • Connect with your ancestors
    • Strengthen your INtuition
    • Take control of your currency
    • Cultivate your will POWER
    • Innerstand your purpose
    • Meet the healer withIN
    • Go from a DIE-it to a LIVE-it