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    Is ‘HARLEM’ the Black ‘Sex and the City’?

    Is ‘HARLEM’ the Black ‘Sex and the City’?

    Bringing you guilty pleasure in this RAview of ‘Harlem’, the new series.

    Did it really happen?? Do we finally have a black ‘Sex and the City’?! And right on time for “cuffing season”? Say word? 🎶 “7th Lenox and what about that East side – HARLEM” *Jim Jones voice* 

    Now that eye am officially a 30-something, eye get it. This shit was literally made for me, and eye would be lying if eye said feeding into that doesn’t bother me at all.

    Eye mean eye am thee quintessential critic so eye have PLENTY to say about this new ‘Harlem’ series… first and foremost — wtf Amazon! These crakkkas really know how to get us! Eye just want Amazon to be synonymous with the rainforest again for fucks sake!

    Eye must admit the devils got a brilliant way of catching us. Eye ain’t mad at it though. Actually feeling inspired by the confessions of my past life in my now life, as eye am over here like, “wow life… you funny!”

    All jokes aside though, no devils, just couldn’t help but play to the scapegoat… really though, it’s me. Still me. Still tickled by my ‘Sex and the City’ fantasies…

    Eye don’t even watch any shows or movies anymore (nope, no Girlfriends or Insecure for me), so idk HOW eye got caught in the trap, and fell right into the rabbit hole and watched all 10 episodes in one day – like really though, wtf?! 😳Eye caught myself off guard wit that move – but eye really ain’t even mad at it.

    To cut to the chase, here’s how it happened… fucking capitalism, that’s how! Crashed laptop, a check, and cyber Monday deals to buy a RAplacement device, landed me right in the middle of Amazon — not the lungs of our planet being destroyed for GMO soya beans laced with chemical pesticides and fertilizers to feed cattle being tortured and slaughtered to feed yo hungry ass – but the fuckin opportunistic, parasitic, profit-driven mega machine virtually sucking up the economy. Yup, that Amazon.

    Soooo eye saw they had a new original series for Prime Video called ‘Harlem’, written by Tracy Oliver (‘Girls Trip’ screen writer – which eye still haven’t watched).  Eye love me a lil Megan Good flick so fast forward ⏩ and the play button is what happened ▶️. Must admit, that subtle ‘Cousin Skeeter’ reference Tracy landed a few episodes in did not disappoint either LOL!

    Eye actually love it!!! Eye love ‘Harlem’ – never thought eye would EVER say it! HARLEM… of all things, the real funny thing is eye don’t even like Harlem like that lol… eye am a Brooklyn kinda sista.

    But Harlem got its juice too🧃 in a gaudy kinda way.

    Eye mean eye really love it more than eye LOVED Sex & the City. Like, this is the same woman who would binge watch her collectors edition dvd set of all 6 seasons and the ‘Sex and the City’ movie in her dorm room at Boston University instead of studying for finals #guilty

    This is the woman who packed her moms whip and moved to Jersey City to sleep on her friends couch for a month to tap NYC for the opportunity to intern at Manolo Blahnik. AND then after moving to the city and getting said gig, got into the midtown Manhattan townhouse elevator with Sarah Jessica Parker one afternoon and could only say, “eye love you Carrie” 😅 (my past life shit is foolish smh)

    All that to say, when eye say it’s the black ‘Sex and the City’, its not to put ‘Harlem’ in it’s shadow; it’s a cultured compliment! Come on, it’s like they had the blueprint and covered all bases:

    • The city – in its blackness of course
    • The sexy intellectual lead – plenty of monologues (Gemini shit)
    • The 3 friends – the bougie bish, the gay slut, and the broke artist
    • All the men – main-squeeze, the one that great-on-paper, the young buck
    • The sex – real sexy and allot of gayness, classic ‘Sex and the City’ fashion – but black

    Now, just like ‘Sex and the City’, there are plenty of corny and annoying antics – but it is a comedy drama so it is what it is. And frankly, with the consciousness eye have now, eye can’t turn a blind eye to all the propaganda, but aye entertainment is the weapon of the open enemy. Afterall, eye did choose to plug into the patrix💊.

    So of course the rabbit hole 🕳🐇 leads to lots of promiscuity and homosexuality… but to be fair, that’s what’s happening so lets keep it 💯. It would be too much to expect some healthy female/male relationships in a show that’s positioning itself as the black ‘Sex and the City’. Which is exactly why it was a guilty pleasure.


    It’s not revolutionary, but it is entertaining. The hallow racial discourse, flagrant feminism and hotep jokes definitely erk me😒 because eye kNow “entertainment” is programming. We create what we see, so we make even more of it. Eye wonder how we break this cycle❓

    Eye kNow that emotionally eye was pulled into this through genuinely connecting with the ‘Harlem’ characters and script – but what about the OG ‘Sex and the City’ when eye couldn’t even RAlate to any of the characters?? In that case, there was still a strong connection to the characters due to the writing, production and styling more than anything… of course the allure of New York was the star 🌟.

    With 9 years of New York under my belt, and a whole life transmutation later, my imagination is still intrigued, the fervor and lust of the lower Aritu (Chakras) sparked, and the addiction triggered. Season 2 better give me that NYC summer love – and libido😉

    [Tehuti over here tryna figure out how to RAmove the subconscious programming]





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