Monday, August 28

    Internal Plantbased

    …as told by B. Hill and Azazil Zhair

    What is Internal Plantbased?

    Internal Plantbased is a family-owned business whose mission is to assist communities globally with herbal healing and ancient fasting practices. Our offerings include healthy plant-based food transition guidance, Chondrus Crispus infused Shea Butter for healing the epidermis, and herbal compounds for detoxification and sustaining overall health.

    How did this begin?

    Internal Plantbased began organically as, certified Detox Specialist Azazil Zahir and Artist-Educator/Healing consultant B. Hill were grounded in the passion of genetic eating and ancient fasting. After the two met, they were instantly compatible with passion-lead goals and worked as a team to birth something special. Zahir and B. Hill then created their first recipe book “Internal Plantbased”, then birthed more products and services to contribute to healing people globally.

    What sparks your imagination?

    Our imagination is sparked by nature and the practice of righteous intuition. 

    What are your values?

    Our values are health, organic nature, family, mineral dense nourishment and a constant flow of creativity.

    What do you know?

    We know that the herbs are the healing of the nation and aboriginal-organic foods are the best form of nourishment. We also know that ancient-sacred fasting practices heal the body on multiple levels.

    What have you done?

    • Together we’ve assisted over 200 people globally with their detoxification and healing needs.
    • Zahir specifically has traveled through the tropics of Central America and ultimately spent weeks at the infamous Usha Village in Le Ceiba, Honduras with the honorary Alfredo “Dr.Sebi” Bowman.
    • With these experiences and living a ten-plus year Plantbased vegan lifestyle, he has holistically healed himself from various joint pains, premature erectile dysfunction and removed hundreds of stones from his liver.
    • He also completed a three-month fruitatarian live-it, extended water fasts and one 40 day juice and water fast. 
    • B. Hill has lived a five-plus year Plantbased vegan lifestyle.
    • Healed herself from having reoccurring vaginal yeast infections with completing one 41.5 day juice and water fast, which was also essential to healing herself from the human papilloma virus.
    • Three months after curing herself from HPV, she practiced a second 40 day juice and water fast with Zahir thus creating a healthy temple to have a 100% natural at-home, unassisted water child birth; free of western prenatal drugs or any drugs throughout their entire pregnancy, birthing and postpartum journey.

    What’s your message?

    Always trust in nature and your innate intuition.

    What has fed you?

    Passion and wisdom feeds us.

    What’s next?

    To be closer to our higher-selves and completing a family foundation.