28 Day Khepe-Ra Challenge

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Terms of Challenge


* Start your day with 11 minutes of stillness (meditation on daily theme)
* End your day with reflective or creative writing
* Avoid consuming animal products
* Avoid consuming external influences
* Share your journey by tagging #KhepeRaChallenge

The Khepe-Ra Challenge is a 28 Day Plant-Based Holistic Healing Challenge. It is a transformation challenge where we will commit to healing ourselves holistically and connecting to the essence of our being by releasing external influences, particularly those that are devastating to our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

Khepe-Ra is a symbol of transformation or coming into being  our ancient Nile Valley Afrakan ancestors represented as the dung beetle (otherwise called Scarab beetle). Our ancestors being nature-based indigenous peoples closely studied the behavior of life in the natural world to symbolize universal laws and pure energies.

The dung beetle has a 28 day cycle in which it lays its eggs in a ball of dung aka shit, and then follows solar cues to roll that ball of dung into a perfect sphere until the new life bursts from the dung. As our ancestors noted, it is “transformational” to see what comes out of the dung, or more metaphorically the necessity of the waste/challenges we face. This process is also fundamental to nourishing the soil that grows plants and food – the circle of life.

Many natural cycles are 28 days, like the lunar cycle and the wombs menstrual cycle among others. Scientifically it is also proven that in 28 days you can rewire the neurons in your brain to break “bad” habits or create new habits. This is a challenge in hopes that you will step into your highest self beyond this moon cycle and continue to “COME INTO BEING”.


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Here’s what you should do: RELAX. MEDITATE. DRAW. WRITE. PAINT. SMILE. BREATHE. STRETCH. SHAKE. LET IT GO… LOL yes I went there. Don’t stress this challenge just be free and give yourself the things you actually need while you’re removing the distractions and it will be a walk in the park, literally.

Absolutely NO animal products (includes eggs, cheese, yogurt, honey, etc.)
NO processed foods (includes sugar, white bread, soy-based concoctions, etc.)

For the sake of not being too confusing and listing everything if you have to ask, you probably should avoid it. Stick to fruits and veggies, you can’t go wrong!

– Clean your home
– Meal plan
– Grocery shopping
– Detoxing (Lots of water & lime, juices, fast if you can)
– Mental prep (Let people know, avoid temptations)
– Schedule accordingly

Here is my Chefau (Mtu Ntr word for Food) List

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REMEMBER: Physical fitness. Since you won’t be watching TV/YouTube or on the phone all day you should have plenty of time for self care. That’s what this is all about! Go do yoga, go for a run, walk in the park, bike, spend as much time with yourself as possible. Figure out what is keeping you from yourself and your needs. LISTEN to your spirit.

DO THE BEST YOU CAN. It is a challenge so it won’t be easy but don’t give up! Share what you’re struggling with using #KhepeRaChallenge hashtag so we can support you.

This will vary for everyone depending on how many people you will be feeding, what your home is like, how disciplined you choose to be, etc.


  1.  Sacred Space
  2.  Stillness
  3.  RAflection
  4.  Posture
  5.  Balance
  6.  Vitality
  7.  Expression
  8.  Organization
  9.  Freedom
  10.  RAsponsibility
  11.  RAstoration
  12.  Elevation
  13.  Expansion
  14.  Warrior
  15.  1st Arit (Energy Center)
  16.  2nd Arit (Energy Center)
  17.  3rd Arit (Energy Center)
  18.  4th Arit (Energy Center)
  19.  5th Arit (Energy Center)
  20.  6th Arit (Energy Center)
  21.  7th Arit (Energy Center)
  22.  Purification
  23.  Protocol
  24.  Healing
  25.  Hapi
  26.  Abundance
  27.  RAlease
  28.  Elimination