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    Maathematics Book Series

    Maathematics Book Series

    …as told by Jashua Sa-Ra

    ☥ What is Maathematics?

    Maathematics is a return to connecting our educational system with our spiritual sciences, and with our lived experiences. It’s based on the Kemetic (ancient Egyptian) concept of Ma’at, which we translate as balance, universal order, and justice, and shows how that is the basis for constructing the physical universe. The “I Am Maathematics” book series is designed to fully stimulate young scholars’ left and right brain functionality, in a way that is  relatable and thoroughly engaging.

    ☥ Where did Maathematics come from?

    From the Creator, before anything was made manifest! I’ve always had a natural innerstanding of math and logic. So much so that I accidentally wrote two math theorems in high school geometry class, that my teacher couldn’t disprove. When I got into my spiritual life, I personally found math to be the best language to communicate spiritual things, because it takes the social confusion and egos out of it, and leaves self-evident truth. So when I began lecturing about spiritual technology, I always used math to subbstantiate my presentations. People regularly asked if I had a math book available, which ultimately led me to start working on this series.

    ☥ What sparks your imagination?

    Being in nature gives me my best education and inspiration. Learning about the successes of our ancestors, working with children, attending art performance events, and watching people work towards raising the individual or collective vibration gets my creativity flowing. Music, mythology, and anime are also pretty sparky for me!

    ☥ What are your values?

    Love is the basic unit and currency of creation that connects all things, and is the greatest resource and technology available in existence. Freedom of the soul to express authentically is probably one of the most important things that we can offer each other. Sovereignty and a self-sustaining community are required nutrients for the well being of any conscious being. I am a trained holistic health consultant and practitioner, so I see a wholistic approach to life as vital as breathing. Truth, creativity, reciprocity, family, and spirituality are all high on my list of things that should be protected and cultivated.

    ☥ What does Maathematics bring forward?

    The importance of the “I Am Maathematics” series is that it gives children two things that are currently missing in math instruction: 1) complete mastery of math concepts, in comprehension and application; 2) a vibrant enjoyment of, and connection to math. As a math teacher, I found that every student who was struggling with math, or felt like they hated it, had just missed some basic steps in an earlier class. It’s like trying to read but you were absent the day they talked about vowel sounds. Once they get those missing components, you can see the light of brilliance come back into their eyes in relation to math.

    Many young people also complain about not innerstanding why higher math is useful, relevant, or important. The Maathematics approach continuously makes reference to the living world around and inside the scholars, to show that math is the basis of everything they love, from music, games, recipes, computers, movies, phones, toys, etc. Scholars come to realize that they themselves are math in motion. It is the most accessible way to corroborate that we are direct descendants of the Creator.

    ☥ Where will Maathematics take us?

    The more math that a people innerstands, the higher their technology develops. “Modern” scientists are unable to accurately describe the processes by which many ancient societies created temples, monoliths, pyramids, artwork, etc. That is because the math as taught in the modern world is devoid of the spirituality which is necessary to deal with the vibrations that exceed our physical senses. By bringing the spirit back into math, it opens up young scholars’ minds to being creative and innovating new (or ancient) techniques. It equips us to find effective solutions to our modern challenges.

    ☥ What is the message of Maathematics?

    We are all connected to everything, and there is a sloution for every challenge. Ultimately, Maathematics proves that spirit is real, and is in fact the only thing that is real and observable. We can mathematically see that there is a divine intelligence present that continuously creates the universe.

    ☥ What did it take to create Maathematics?

    You gotta ask the Creator that one! I didn’t create Maathematics; I coined the term for something that I observed us participating in. I write my books once the vision for the book blossoms into my mind. I have over 20 years of experience as a graphic design and layout designer, so I just decided to do everything myself. I did the layout, and created all the imagery inside the books, as well as the covers. I have other writers and educators, as well as young people, who review the work and give feedback. Then I put it out into the world, as I’ve published all of my own books, including 2 of poetry.

    ☥ What’s next?

    So far there are 3 books published in the series. There will be a total of 10 books in the first series, so the 4th book is on deck! But before I publish the next book in the series, “SUBTRACTION,” I’m going to publish the first Maathematics coloring and activity book. I’ve been giving private instruction and tutoring for families across the world online, so I’m also facilitating connecting families who are new to homeschooling and need support systems. My team is creating curricula, a website, a support network, and a resource base to help with wholistic education.