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    Mer Ankh Medicine

    Mer Ankh Medicine

    Mer Ankh Medicine (MAM) is a truly holistic treatment for navigating dis-ease and disease. Mer Ankh Medicine uses vibrational techniques that support the nervous system and the systems of the subtle body to RAstore and preserve yOur iNternal vitality and emotional wellbeing. MAM would be considered an “alternative” treatment to western medicine, however we consider it to be an OG (original) medicinal approach of standard practice for our ancient ancestors. This medicine has no harmful side-effects and can be used by all ages and levels of wellness.

    Mer Ankh Medicine supports us in strengthening the vitality of our electromagnetic field. An electromagnetic field is the dynamic field of energy composed by all living beings. It is created by the electrical and magnetic currents produced in our body at a cellular level.

    The electromagnetic field can be conceptualized figuratively as a woven fabric that acts as a casing around us. It is constantly adjusting and RAsponding to the environment; which is full of numerous other electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs). The vitality of our electromagnetic field is iNtricately connected to our health and vitality.

    This medicine nourishes and strengthens the electromagnetic field, weaving it back into a tightly woven fabric; thus supporting the health of the whole Body Temple.

    Mer Ankh Medicine is intrinsic and ancestral wisdom that has been channeled and crafted by Akua Sekhmet, Founder of Embodied Energetics.

    Allow 5 minutes to experience the protective power in this particular prescription of Mer Ankh Medicine with Akua’s guidance :

    To RAmember more about yOur Electromagnetic Field and about the techniques used in this medicine, stay tuned for “WEaving Your Electromagnetic Field”, a virtual class in the Embodied Healing Classroom — COMING SOON.