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    October Moon Reading

    Nu Moon Reading

    Oct. 6th – Nov. 4th

    *this complementary oracle reading is for the Nu Moon in Ma’at (libra) October 6th through to the Nu Moon in Serket (scorpio) November 4th

    What is an oracle reading?

    an oracle is a conduit or connector between dimensions; a reading is an art form often called divination by which the oracle opens sacred space to connect realms and to read the cosmic energy field. The following aids were used to read the energy for this moon cycle:

    • FIRE 🔥 ritual opening the way for the Nu Moon cycle
    • Smoke 💨 for planetary purification and clarity
    • Kemetic alchemical divination cards (Ancient Afrakan cosmic principles)
    • INtention for a general read of the cosmic energy of this moon cycle
    • INtuitive guidance from the womb space (menstrual flow)
    • kNOWledge through embodiment and connection to NaTuRal energies

    …you can read more about my oracle readings via Coins & Cowries

    *the following reading is the first 3 cards of the 10 card Merkut (Pyramid) reading*

    SEPT — Guiding Principal (fire)


    Sept is the star we know today as Sirius, the “Dog Star”. Sept is the Mdu NTR (ancient Kemetic language commonly known as “hieroglyphs” which is Greek) word for this very important star which is the sun beyond our sun known as RA to our ancient Kemetic ancestors. SEPT is the symbol for the Guiding principle of all the Merkut (Pyramid) readings. It is the fire element so the energy in this position is the most active force of NTR (NaTuRe).

    This nu lunar cycle we’ve entered will make its climax with the full moon in Amun (aries) on October 20th and wane into the next lunar cycle which will begin in Serket (scorpio) on November 4th.

    The energy in this position is Seshat, the energy of building and creating. This feminine force of NTR (the divine, NaTuRe) is personified as a woman with a headdress of a 7-rayed star or leaf. Sometimes Seshat is shown with 5-rayed star or leaf. As the cosmic architect, Seshat represents the energy that makes plans manifest. She is the writer, usually shown carrying the scribe’s writing reed in her hand. Many see the 7-rayed leaf as a representation of the papyrus, palm or even cannabis leaves used to make the “paper” that the scribes write on.

    This moon cycle is optimized for constructing plans for future success, and linking one’s energies to a larger plan.

    The number of this card is 7 and it is the number most often associated with this NTRU (particular aspect of divinity). 7 is the number of the sacred, spirit and divinity as it represents the manifestation of NaTuRe on this planet.

    BA — Magikal MENTAL Body (air)

    The realm of air is the mental realm which includes the intellectual and cognitive aspects of our experience such as our thoughts, logic and analysis.


    The energy in this 2nd position for this reading is the Mesu Heru, the children of Heru. These are 4 energies that are grouped together. These are the energies that the “canopic jars” represent. The Mesu Heru, commonly known as the “canopic jars”, are the 4 vessels buried with the body of the deceased. They each represent one of the main 4 elements (air, water, fire, earth) as well as the cardinal directions (east, north, south, west). These supportive NTRU (forces) are associated with Heru, the energy of levity and victory symbolized by the falcon. They are supportive energies in Amenta (the “under world”) assisting the dead in transition, and the jars are literally protection for the inner organs of the body.

    In this position, we can still feel the mental support or guidance from the previous cycle assisting in preparing us for this nu phase in life. Protection and conservation of the mind is still emphasized for us this moon cycle.

    The number for this card is clearly 4 which symbolizes stability, and these 4 energies were considered to be the 4 pillars supporting the 4 corners of heaven.


    The energy in the 3rd position for this reading is interestingly the same NTRU that was in this position for the previous moon cycle, Müt (pronounced moo-t). Müt is the great mother principle symbolized by the vulture who demonstrates the nurturing of the egg until it hatches, and fierce protection of its young. Being in this position again illustrates a continuing gestation (the time between conception and birth) period in the physical, mental and spiritual sense. AND this moon cycle there is an emphasis on the twin (male and female) polarities mated within this energy.

    In the mental realm think of Müt here as nurturing thoughts, caring for your mind, and conscious mental rest and work as you continue to develop whatever you are iNcubating.

    The number for this card is 6 which symbolizes healing, support and nurturing.

    Connecting INward

    The energy always is what it is, and the way we experience it will be unique to our personal needs and choices. These energies flow freely, and our connection to them is RAflected in our lives whether we’re conscious of them or not. Being aware of these energies and their presence allows us to connect iNtentionally and maximize the constructive potential they offer for our growth in this cycle. The questions below are a great way you’re iNvited to take notice of these energies as they express themselves this moon cycle. *RAflect on the answers to the questions from the previous reading.


    JOURNAL — This Lunar Cycle Ask Yourself:

    • How are my choices linking to the rest of the universe?
    • What exactly am eye constructing or contributing to?
    • How have eye had support in previous cycles?
    • How can eye conserve and protect my magikal mental body?
    • How can eye physically, mentally and spiritually care for my fertility?
    • How can eye be patient with this gestation process?
    • What are the complimentary (active and receptive) energies withiN me?

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