Saturday, December 9

    Out of Seam

    by Kyra Bennington at OUTOFSEAM’S Natural Dye Workshop: Sweat, Tears and Dye. 

    …as told by Out of Seam

    What is Out of Seam?

    a source. the sign and sequence. OUT OF SEAM is an in house production space, collaborating with artisans to form fully unique, restorative and functional pieces. Our main focus right now is natural dying and clothing reconstruction. we let it out till the very end.

    How did you get there?

    mountains and movements. I’ve been thinking about tectonic plates a lot & how they diverge, converge and transform- many things shift and change to create a full form. OOS started through a lot of serendipity, a lot of natural occurrences that eventually became a full fledged motion once I had awareness of what was happening. We are still in the early stages but now it’s in form and takes maintenance to upkeep. 

    What sparks your imagination?

    conversations. While catching up with a friend, I was reminded that the messages we relay are what we need to (and often do) tell ourselves. I am ALWAYS having major epiphanies and Eureka moments from conversation. The awareness of possibility is very important to me, the allure of the future fuels me but I’m in a space of presentism. Respecting that through writing and music with chimes, horns, and harps is where I’m at right now.

    What do you value?

    a solid core. things change, shift, are dynamic and complex but we all, it all, has a center. a core. I’ve been thinking about impact versus intention because the end is what’s left. The result is what we hold to be “true” because it completes a process. But what’s been allowing grace and forgiveness in my life is where you’re coming from and how you got there – what things mean to you and where you stand because of that. Sometimes you really do and don’t mean it. The iffy parts, the grays – all situations and circumstances. Sometimes we just end up. 

    What do you know?

    man… the beauty of life is this question. Right now, I am uncovering myself, parts that have been hidden in plain sight that I am owning now. I know the future is us, the people. I know respect and understanding allow dynamics to flow and I know love is always here. 

    Where do you want to go?

    Around. Wherever you’re at is where you’re supposed to be so make the most of it by looking around. I don’t know what’s in space and I don’t know what is under the sea but I know that I am alive and so long as I am here, I can look around and inside. OOS has a strong anchor to the connections it has with the people, it wouldn’t be possible to maneuver without them. 

    What’s your message?

    If you don’t read, you better listen. What makes anything resonate is it’s context. The depth of a full story. Clearly we can’t know it all but there is something to be said when you see and you hear. OOS is all about the process, how we source our material, the artists we collaborate with, the history of its conception, its significance within my lineage, it all means something. Communicating the intention and passion is what drives us. You feel us. 

    What has fed you?

    “What nourishes me destroys me”. Currently finding balance. It’s hard to maintain in NYC, where we are partially based, because there’s always so much going on. But knowing you are the first and final call has been feeding me mentally, you can’t predict situations but you can address how you deal with them. 

    What is it all for?

    creating your world leads to a better future. 

    photos by Kyra Bennington at OUTOFSEAM’S Natural Dye Workshop:

    Sweat, Tears and Dye.