Monday, August 28

    Race Manhood & Power Podcast

    …as told by Omowale Afrika

    ☥ What is Race Manhood and Power here for?

    Race, Manhood & Power is a bare-knuckled political podcast, unapologetically centered around Black male development, and the breakdown in Black Male & Female relations. We have conversations addressing the lack of order, protection, and direction within the Black community, and the resulting chaos/disorder this has created.

    We openly invite members of our community to constructively talk through some of the most contentious issues in the space, and brainstorm solutions for collective empowerment.

    Ultimately, our discussions are designed to facilitate honest and truthful dialogue on what needs to be done to transform racially subjugated males into sovereign men, capable of pulling a war-torn community back from the brink.

    ☥ What does this work stand on?

    The analysis we put forward rests on the best of our past & present thinking, on the issue of Race, Manhood and Power. We draw heavily from the works, and examples of ancestors such as Marcus Garvey, Carlos Cookes, Malcolm X, Dr. Amos Wilson, Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, and Robert F. Williams, and those living ancestors who are currently continuing that tradition (Mwalimu Baruti, Baba Imhotep Fatiu, and Dr. Marimba Ani.

    ☥ What sparks your imagination?

    My imagination is sparked by one single thought, liberation. I want the generations of Africans that return to this world to be the inheritors of our love, labor, and sacrifice, in the form of a Sovereign nation, that will never again allow Africans anywhere, to be enslaved, colonized, or oppressed.

    ☥ What are your values?

    We value, life, nature, humanity, peace, freedom, and strength, but most importantly, we value our ancestors, and what the valued (i.e. truth, justice, order, balance, reciprocity, and harmony)

    ☥ How will you get to where you want to go?

    Through historical & cultural reorientation, and political education.

    ☥ What is your path forward?

    Organization and consistent application.

    ☥ How do you see?

    As an afrocentrist, there is only one way for us to see the world, and that is through our own cultural lens, that has been shaped by our history, and experiences on this planet, as African people.

    ☥ What has fed you?

    My work. My ancestors. My family. My children. My love for my people.

    ☥ What’s it all for?

    For the African Renaissance. I work for a future where Africa will rise again, and I don’t see a path to that future that doesn’t involve the resurrection of African manhood.




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