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    September Moon Reading


    this complementary oracle reading is for the Nu Moon in Aust (virgo) September 6th through to the Nu Moon in Ma’at (libra) October 6th

    What is an oracle reading?

    an oracle is a conduit or connector between dimensions; a reading is an art form often called divination by which the oracle opens sacred space to connect realms and to read the cosmic energy field. The following aids were used to read the energy for this moon cycle:

    • FIRE 🔥 for purification and ritualization at the inception of Nu lunar cycle
    • Kemetic alchemical divination cards (Ancient Afrakan cosmic principles)
    • INtention for a general read of the cosmic energy of this moon cycle
    • INtuitive guidance from the womb space
    • kNOWledge through embodiment and connection to NaTuRal energies

    …you can read more about my oracle readings via Coins & Cowries

    *the following reading is the first 3 cards of the 10 card Merkut (Pyramid) reading*

    SEPT — Guiding Principal (fire)


    Sept is the star we know today as Sirius, the “Dog Star”. Sept is the Mdu NTR (ancient Kemetic language commonly known as “hieroglyphs” which is Greek) word for this very important star which is the sun beyond our sun known as RA to our ancient Kemetic ancestors. SEPT is the symbol for the Guiding principle of all the Merkut (Pyramid) readings. It is the fire element so the energy in this position is the most active force of NTR (NaTuRe).

    This nu lunar cycle we’ve entered will make its climax with the full moon in Hatmehit (pisces) on September 20th and wane into the next lunar cycle which will begin in Ma’at on October 6th.

    The energy that is in this position for this moon is Renenet, the energy of nourishment symbolized by the snake which illustrates an intuitive nature to this force. Renenet is the aspect of overflow that compliments Hapi, the literal energy of the Nile. The annual inundation of Hapi is what brought the water and silt to the fields allowing for the rich agricultural legacy of the Hapi Valley which is modern day Sudan and Egypt. Renenet is believed to be symbolized by the snake because she was protectress of the harvest, as were the snakes 🐍 who roamed the fields hunting the rodents that threatened the harvest.

    This moon cycle will bring nourishment for the mind and body which may show up in many ways… it could be all forms of good fortune, and wealth. Renenet is the energy of abundance and plenty.

    The number for this card is 2 which symbolizes doubling, or twin energy, complementarity and connecting.

    BA — Magikal MENTAL Body (air)

    The realm of air is the mental realm which includes the intellectual and cognitive aspects of our experience such as our thoughts, logic and analysis.


    The energy in the 2nd position for this reading is Mafdet. This is another female energy and is characterized as clear sighted, “she who sees clearly”. This energy is very much “you reap what you’ve sown”. It is the energy of justice and the karmic aspect of Ma’at. Although Mafdet fell from favor, she was revered as one of the eldest forms of the feline energies, and seen then as the protectress of royalty. This NTRU (aspect of the divine) was expressed often as a lynx, but also other forms of the feline – the cheetah, leopard, panther, lioness, etc.

    Mafdet often comes forward by way of punishment or payment for some wrong done. This energy may also express itself as discipline in a spiritual or physical form.

    The number for this card is 8 which symbolizes infinity, eternity and continuity.


    The energy in the 3rd position for this reading is Müt (pronounced moo-t). Müt is a fundamental mother principle distinct as the actual role of the mother intricately connected to all the mother energies of NaTuRe. The symbol for Müt is the vulture and the embodiment of this energy was shown by the vulture headdress. This energy is selfless love symbolized by the great mother vulture who will prick herself to feed her young her own blood if she’s unable to provide for them.

    This energy represents gestation (the time between conception and birth) in the physical, mental and spiritual sense. In the mental realm think of Müt here as nurturing thoughts, caring for your mind, and conscious mental rest and work.

    The number for this card is 6 which symbolizes healing, support and nurturing.

    Connecting INward

    The energy is what it is, and the way it is experienced for each of us will be unique to our personal needs and desires. These energies flow freely, and our connection to them is RAflected in our lives whether we’re conscious of them or not. Being aware of these energies and their presence allows us to connect iNtentionally and maximize the constructive potential they offer for our growth in this cycle. The questions below are a great way you’re iNvited to take notice of these energies as they express themselves this moon cycle


    JOURNAL — this lunar cycle ask yourself:

    • How is my mind, body and spirit being nourished?
    • Where is there overflow? How can eye make best use of this surplus?
    • When eye RAflect back on the previous cycles what lessons can eye now see clearly?
    • Where and how can eye practice discipline to rise iNto this next chapter?
    • How can eye overflow into those eye love?
    • What have eye conceived that is gestating physically, mentally and spiritually?
    • How can eye allow NaTuRe to bring my intentions and plans to full-term?

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