Thursday, September 29

    Locs and Spirituality

    Kemetic (Ancient Egyptian) Bas Relief of Queen Kawit taken from her coffin found at Deir el-Bahri temple. Photo from “Mirrors’R’Suns, or Egyptian Reflections

    “The journey of 1,000 miles
    begins with a single step”

    Some of us may have heard this in passing, from an elder, read Lao Tzu or have a simple, internal knowing. Regardless of where or how, the meaning of one moment being the catalyst for a lifetime remains true.

    This is the journey of locs. 

    Nubian prince Maiherpri

    Contrary to what mainstream media may have you believe, locs did not start or stay in Jamaica. From the ancestors of the Nile Valley, to the Massai tribesman doused in ochre, to the Mau Mau warriors who collectively sparked the revolutionary spirit of the Rasta’s; loc’s are a signal of not only who you are but who you’ve been and who you’re becoming. 

    Himba girl’s hair. Namibia, South Africa

    There is a difference between a lifestyle and a hairstyle, of course. Wicks are the most relevant incarnation of “loc life”, on almost every Floridian rappers you can think of. Regardless of how you came into your journey, we have some of the most diverse and malleable hair types on the planet. Grow it, own it, love it.  

    In the video below, Aust NeferKa shares moor about the spirituality of our hair, why she began her locs and how her hair journey has unfolded since her “big chop”.