Saturday, November 11

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    Deep Clean Locs with ACV

    Personal tips for deep cleansing hair ritual using apple cider vinegar.

    “Do the Work” Healing & Transformation Reading

    The energy is calling the collective to step up to transformative healing work.

    December Energy Reading

    December Energy Reading NU MOON READING FORNOV 23rd TO DEC 23rd This month is all about evaluating yOUR path forward and focusing on mental health and balance. This is an animal tarot reading for the energy...

    Meet the Militia: Travis

    Tehuti Ma’at Militia TRAVIS BASORA VIDEO CHAPTERS: 03:11 Introduction to Travis 06:40 Organic Food for the People 07:36 Weeksville, Brooklyn 12:09 Taking over the garden management in 2020 16:52 Travis story growing up avoiding school to prison...