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    We are community organizers, healing artists and educators. We create spaces for healing, art and education both off and on the web.

    We do a lot, to say the least… lol please take a look below to read more about our grassroots programing. In addition to this work we produce content such as articles, blogs, videos, galleries, and interviews.

    • Organic Food for the People
    • Sacred Womb
    • Sankofa
    • THNK
    • Spiritual Warriors
    • Our HairStory
    • RaWorkshops
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    Contribution Levels
    Area of Interest
    Message? Skills? Resources?

    It’s easy, just look at the levels we’ve listed and select the one that best suits your pockets and your desires. Please consider supporting $3 or more per month to progress the work and programs that Tehuti Ma’at creates. You can cancel or adjust your commitment at anytime. We appreciate every single one of you for your support on any level 🙂 Thank you!

    *Higher contributions receive the benefits of the level(s) below

    For 3 years we have facilitated workshops and classes in black neighborhoods that have been historically deprived. Each program focuses on community development and economic empowerment for generating wealth and breaking the cycle of poverty.

    Organic Food for the People

    Urban Farm Project at Tehuti Ma’at Garden in the historical district of Weeksville in Brooklyn (Crown Heights) –  In 2016 we acquired this city property. We have restored this abandoned garden and organized artists, activists and healers who grow and harvest organic foods in the garden, as well as provide a host of resources to holistically address the needs of the neighborhood.

    Vision: We are striving to expand into a cooperative farm/market offering organic food to the people who don’t have access to affordable organic produce. This model will be packaged and used to create more urban farm spaces and a network of urban growers to support.

    Sacred Womb

    Women’s Healing Circle – This gathering focuses on reclaiming our ancestral birthright to healing ourselves. This sisterhood circle is a sacred space for women of original wisdom to heal emotionally and spiritually particularly from sexual abuse, trauma, and reproductive diseases.

    Vision: Sacred Womb will be a collective of women who will be mentors to young women, offering them guidance, support and wisdom. This also includes a variety of educational projects/products on puberty, sexuality and womanhood.


    Pre-Colonial African History Media Workshop Series for Youth – This interactive workshop provides participants with a general knowledge of African civilizations prior to slavery and colonialism, with a focus on developing media production skills such as photography and videography. We offer training for any organization with the desire to facilitate our Sankofa curriculum.

    Vision: Sankofa will be a network of youth groups producing artwork and working to initiate the pedagogical use of the general history of Africa into the public school system. We plan to expand into an after-school program, open daycare centers and other independent institutions for educating young people.

    THNK – “Thoughts Hone Nu Knowledge”

    Study group and monthly book club focusing on revolutionary activism – THNK is our political education platform for black studies and literature. Topics revolve around strategic organizing, culture, politics, education and economics with the intention of implementing solutions.

    Vision: We plan to expand THNK into 7 major cities across the country and then internationally with the launch of our Podcast channel and “Black Point of View” publication. We will publish books and produce other literary materials such as bookmarks, e-books, and audio books.

    Spiritual Warriors

    Leadership Training and Network of Artists, Educators and Activators – SW offers 3 missions through retreats, workshops and training 1. Self Initiation Missions to activate and heal leaders holistically through the Self Initiation Manual 2. Creative Power Missions to use art, music and dance for healing and empowerment 3. Healing Power Missions to heal broken power dynamics in organizations, businesses and other groups.

    Vision: The areas we address are Healing Sexual Trauma (childhood trauma), Creating Justice (prison industrial complex), and Ecological Restoration (agricultural sustainability).

    Our HairStory

    Self Love and Identity Workshop Series – Our HairStory is an interactive workshop series including a discussion which begins with the general HairStory of African peoples and travels where ever the participants take it; health, economics, politics, spirit and much more. Each workshop has a DIY segment where we customize all natural hair care products.

    Vision: We plan to create a movement that will bring substance to the natural hair conversation by reconnecting African descendants with the roots and culture of our hair so we can be proud of our collective identity and love ourselves. We will do this via campaigns to educate people about the topics we discuss.


    Interactive Workshops on Holistic Health, Nutrition and Food – RaWorkshops are educational and creative workshops training people of all ages. Our Series includes: Hood vs. Community (awareness and community building workshop), Grow Your Own Food (workshop teaching basics for starting your own garden), Transition Your Kitchen (meal planning and prep workshop), Race and Food Justice (intersections of race, class and gender), Ancestral Medicine (workshop on roots and herbs used for healing), Live-it vs. Die-it (workshop on healthy lifestyle).

    Vision: Our goal is to activate more change agents by creating digital webinars and workshops, traveling to spread this knowledge and also training more facilitators to reach more people who will be able to have support from our community.