Tuesday, August 16

    THNK – Marketing Misleadership

    THNK Marketing Misleadership

    THNK Marketing Misleadership is a virtual panel event. It’s a holistic and prescriptive discussion on the marketing of mis-leadership withIN the black Afrakan community. The event opens with a spoken-word expression before getting into the discussion and taking questions from the live audience.

    Our Panelists:

    Omowale Afrika is an educator with over 17 years of student & community organizing experience. He is a Philly native and actively serving in several community organizations. Omowale is the Creator of the Race Manhood and Power Podcast and Cobra Calisthenics Training

    Tafadzwa ShakaRa Mbandaka is a born & raised member of the Alkebu-Lan Revivalist Movement. ShakaRa serves in several community organizations, and has taught in Afrikan Centred institutions such as the Alkebu-Lan Academy of Excellence, The Maat Academy of Excellence and the Homeschool Hueniversity.

    Moderator: AUST NEFERKA

    Farmer, Healing Artist and Organizer, Aust NeferKa is an Educator, Cosmic Wisdom Keeper, and Spiritual Warrior. Her modalities include restorative agriculture and herbalism. She is the Mother of Tehuti Ma’at and Hightops & Heels.


    Hightops & Heels aims to unite the Afrikan diaspora through creative content, visual art, music, and journalism to take ownership of our dynamic collective narrative. Hightops & Heels is the media branch of Tehuti Ma’at.

    Tehuti Ma’at is a revolutionary instrument focusing on the liberation of Afrakan people worldwide through institution development in the areas of Healing, Art and Education.

    THNK is our holistic education platform which you can learn more about here: tehutimaat.org/thnk




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